Iran Khodro Casting Industries Co. has been established for production of complicated cast iron parts (gray iron and Nodular Iron) such as Cylinder Block and safety parts (suspension) and started production of casting parts from 2006.


This line is fully auto mated and equip ped for the produ ction of safety parts for auto mobiles and is desi gned to pro duce a vari ety of gray and du ctile cast iron parts.

HWS molding

This line is desi gned and manuf actured for the prod uction of cyli nder block comp onents as well as heavy parts. All produ ction proce sses in this line are conti nuous and auto matic.

Melting line

Using 4 ave rage freq uency induc tion furn aces, every hour it is pos sible to prod uce 32 tons of cast iron melt ing and equ ipped with adv anced "Add itive Syst em" equip ment.

Wagner molding

This line is fully autom ated and all sta ges of mol ding, leav ing the mold from the mold and sand mak ing by auto matic dev ices are carri ed out.
Why Us?
Iran Khodro Casting Company has started its business since 2006 with the aim of producing cast iron parts for Iran Khodro Industrial Group, domestic and export industries. Major components of the company related to automobile parts, including cylinder block parts, safety parts, parts of parts Gray.
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