The company’s mechanical laboratory is one of the most complete and advanced mechanical laboratories in the country and the Middle East, which has the ability and ability to carry out many mechanical research tests with the latest equipment and experienced and trained personnel.
This lab carries out general research tests, including elasticity and stiffness defined according to different standards for raw materials or finished products.
The mechanical laboratory examines, based on the instructions given, the functional or specific research tests that are defined. With the proper machining and sample preparation facilities, we provide all standardization procedures and research tests for better mechanical services.


  The most important services offered in the mechanical laboratory:

– Tensile research test at ambient temperature, based on diverse standards

– Brinell, Rockwell, and Vickers Hardness Research.

Technical Specifications:

Name of manufacturer: ZWICK-ROELL
made in Germany
Year of construction 2004
Capacity 60 tons
Stretchable Cast Iron and Steel Fittings and …
Has a perfectly professional software in industrial, academic, and stress-strain diagrams
Ability to measure the yield stress, the upper and lower subquality points, the percentage reduction in cross-sectional area, the maximum stress strain and …
Ability to switch device from stretching to push


Technical Specifications of Hardness Testing Device:

Build Germany


Manufacturing company: Stiefelmayer
Year of construction 2003
The ability to measure hardness of cast iron and steel parts for heat treatment
Brinel, Rockwell and Vickers hardness measurements