Melting shop is equipped with 4 coreless induction furnaces each with 32 tons capacity, and 3 channel holding furnaces each with 45 tons capacity, there are also 5 automatic melt pouring machines ranging from 7 to 12 tons of melt per-hour. Around 90,000 tons of melt can be supplied yearly to 4 molding lines consisting of gray, ductile, and ADI cast-iron types.

The smelter works with the advanced “Additive System” equipment, which automatically modifies the melt analysis based on the requested analysis. Quantometer, automatic pouring time and inoculation control system are other facilities of melt-shop.

Number of Furnaces: 4 Melting Furnaces Junker (Medium Frequency)

Capacity of each furnace: 12 tons

Storage furnace: 2 units with capacity 40 tons and 60 tons

Melting furnace: 3 pcs 5 tons