Cylinder Block
Engine block

It is part of the main engine and is used as a solid metal base for all engine parts.

Inside the cylinder, there are empty cylinders called cylinders, in which the piston moves through its cylinders. The shape of the cylinder block depends on the type of engine in terms of the cooling system. At the top level, the cylinder head is closed, which has several ducts, which are generally ducts of water and oil and typed.

The bottom of the block to which the cartel is attached to the crankshaft camshaft where the crankshaft is located on the front of the block of the front tray position, inside which the crankshaft and gear drive gear are located, by the clutches The cylinder block is connected.

The rear part of the block is attached to the tail end of the flywheel, which acts as a transfer of power to the power transmission system, the cylinder block is seamlessly cast and its type is made of grey iron or aluminium, the company’s cylinder blocks are made of grey iron And in all types of TU5, EF7 (national engine), OHV and OHVG.

The weight of the manufactured cylinder blocks is TU5, EF7 and ROA 46 kg to EF7 and OHV 57 kg.

The average number of cylinder blocks production from the year 2015 is over 2000 pieces per month.